Kyle Lang (b. 1996) is a photographer whose work explores the relationship between natural and created worlds. His art is a culmination of people and places in his life, abstracted through various analog processes. He uses the chemistry-based medium as a language, elaborating on the space between 

   artificial and organic, 

         real and imagined, 

               conscious and subconscious.

Click here to download a copy of Lang's CV.


Lang dropped out of college to pursue his own artistic path. During this time he traveled extensively, teaching himself photography and experiencing life. The portfolio he accumulated from his travels awarded him an artist grant from the Princeton Area Community Foundation. He used the funds to work in the darkroom. Through experimenting and play, he developed his own darkroom printing technique. Immediately following this, he was invited to attend an artist residency at Typa, a historic print museum in Estonia. Here, he had access to rare and historic photographic processes. After four months of self-guided learning, Lang came back to the US and went on to open his art studio.


Lang founded Black Rabbit Lab, a specialty film lab that operates within his studio. The lab offers services not commonly found at other labs, including E6 development and scanning with film borders. In conjunction with the lab, Lang designed and released a 35mm film stock and powder developer - Formula 1 and Oryctone. The film is hand spooled and the developer is made in-house from scratch. When the two are used together, they create a signature look. The film boasts a high ISO, 40 exposures, a heavy texture, and a subtle contrast.

Below is a gallery of images shot on this film stock.

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