When I was 18 I was offered a job to work as a Nikon Representative in Princeton, New Jersey. At the time I was attending university and had to make a choice between the job and working towards a photography degree. I went with Nikon.  

I stayed with them for one year before moving to New Zealand in 2016. Here is where my passion for landscape photography began, and where I learned that analog photography is right for me. The following year, my visa expired and I flew to Southeast Asia where I began to think more seriously about which direction I want to move in. Art and traveling were two things I refused to live without.

So upon my return to New Jersey, I began working at Triumph Brewery. A spent a few years saving money and growing in other interests such as classical piano, cooking, fishing, and alternative photography processes. Each year I took a trip to a new country, first to Iceland in 2018, then to Norway in 2019.  

The travels and exploration of interests allowed me to narrow my focus when I returned to university in the spring of 2020. During my first semester back, I applied to an artist grant intended for painters. The way I use light in the darkroom is similar to that of applying paint, so I decided to apply. Now I am the first photographer to ever receive this grant. 

The summer of 2020, I customized a van and left on a road trip across the United States with the grant. I lived on the road for three months, and began my final semester from my van.  I completed my classes and was invited to be the artist in residence at TYPA, a historic print and paper museum in Tartu, Estonia. 

While there, I was commissioned for an environmental project with the Estonian University of Life Sciences, by traveling around Estonia and collecting images. These works went on to be exhibited at Aparaaditehas then relocated to the university where they will hang permanently. At the same time, I had a second solo exhibition in Aparaaditehas, Liminal Space. 

Click here to download a copy of my CV.

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